Breakthrough Workshop


Have you ever told yourself “I could never do that” or “this will never work”? That is a limiting belief at work. And yes, we all have them, but they can be controlled!

This breakthrough workshop gives you three hours of training with coach, therapist and author Paula Meir.

Discover what has been holding you back.

Discover how to breakthrough it.

Discover simple techniques that lead to true happiness and success.

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Building Mental Resilience in the Workplace

BMR Banner-788594-editedThis course has been designed to change the way you think, manage yourself and others, and build mental resilience in our “always on” connected world. It will give you understanding and strategies to be able to navigate not only stressful events and environments, but day-to-day ups and downs, because empowered and mentally resourceful people do better at work, and at home.

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