Are fears and phobias holding you back in life? Here’s an important fact: we are only born with two fears, falling and loud noises. In evolutionary terms they are baked in as they are key to basic survival. Everything else comes as a direct result of our life experiences. You are not born with ANY phobias, they are something we develop which means if we can learn how to ‘have’ a phobia we can ‘unlearn’ how to have one!

Whether you have experienced a negative incident that has created your fear, or whether it has been learnt by you from parents or family, the good news is it can be EASILY sorted out. If you can learn to become afraid, you can learn to be ‘unafraid’, and with my help you can start to live in a way that gives you freedom from things that scare you! 

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How much does it cost? Sessions last approximately one hour (however the first session is likely to be longer) price on consultation.

Cancellation Policy: You must give 48 hours notice of change to appointment time.50% fee if less than 48 hours notice.100% fee if cancelled less than 24 hours notice.We understand that life can get in the way of our best laid plans so please call as soon as you are able if there is a problem.

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