With the growing increase of ‘mental health issues’ in the workplace the need to be mentally ‘resilient’ is fundamental to our health, wellness and success. Because building mental stamina which can cope with the day to day stresses and challenges of life at work and at home means that when things do get tough we are in a good position to manage it. A happy, mentally strong workforce will drive engagement, motivation, a positive culture and build business value.


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This course has been designed to change the way you think, manage yourself and others, and build mental resilience in our “always on” connected world. It will give you the understanding and strategies to be able to navigate not only stressful events and environments, but day to day ups and downs, because empowered and mentally resourceful people do better at work, and at home.

  1. Understanding yourself and managing your own internal experience, creating, maintaining resilience, stamina and confidence.
  2. Identifying, managing and removing stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  3. Effectively managing your workplace including healthy interactions/relationships with your boss, your team and peers
  4. Successful and confident communication strategies


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Course costs: £795.00 + VAT.  



Mental Health in the workplace impacts every part and every level of your business.

This course has been designed to benefit everyone from executive leadership teams to graduate trainees.


Paula_08print-1Following 25 years working alongside teams and executives across multiple regions and cultures, Paula gained a deep understanding of human behaviour, both inside and outside the boardroom. Paula now works alongside many leadership and HR teams, and is in high demand as an executive coach, leadership trainer, and business consultant. She is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a qualified executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and accredited in a number of personality profiling systems. Check out Paula's latest free webinar on building mental resilience in the workplace here.

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