Mental resilience_ a skill to be learned-2

Who is it for?

HR, learning and development, leadership teams, managers, employees

In this webinar you will discover:-

  • the impact of having four very different generations in the workplace
  • how leadership communication impacts mental health at work
  • the importance of employees taking responsibility for their mental health (it isn't all the employer's issue!)

 The speaker

Following 25 years working alongside teams and executives across m
ultiple regions and cultures, Paula gained a deep understanding of human behaviour, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Paula now works alongside many leadership and HR teams, and is in high demand as an executive coach, leadership trainer, and business consultant. She is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a qualified executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and accredited in a number of personality profiling systems.  Her first book “Your Life, Your Way” was published last year.

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Title: Building and managing mental resilience in the workplace

Duration: 40 mins 

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