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Have you ever suffered a traumatic incident? Do you find this trauma has a negative impact on your daily life? Would you like to reduce the impact of this trauma and the effect that it might be having on your life?If so, then The Havening Technique® could be the right treatment for you.

What is it?

The Havening Technique® is a method, which is designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body. As part of its protocol The Havening Techniques uses the sensory input of human touch as a therapeutic tool which we have identified as Havening Touch®. The process of the Havening Technique requires touch (this can be on the client’s hands, arms or face or a combination of all of them). The decision of who should provide the touch must be made jointly. The Havening Technique® is a powerful tool that can be used to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic or stressful memories. Depending on the nature of the encoded trauma it can be done with guidance by a certified Havening Techniques practitioner or by oneself. Clients experience profound positive changes with this technique and are also able to continue to use ‘self- havening’ in a way which works them. For more information on the Havening Technique® click here

Other Benefits of Havening

Havening can be used for many other issues or problems and is also very effective at shifting negative emotions and installing more positive feelings, it can also be used very effectively to rehearse and visualise positive outcomes that the client wishes for the future. It is also very effective in the use of improving sports performance.

How many sessions will I need?

Clients benefit from at least 2-3 sessions of Havening, maybe more depending on their situation.

How much does it cost? 

The initial 30 minute consultation is free. Following this session you will receive a full assessment which will include a fully costed treatment plan. Paula's techniques are fast, and many issues can be solved in as few as three sessions.

Cancellation Policy: 

You must give 48 hours notice of change to appointment time. A 50% fee is payable with less than 48 hours notice. 100% fee is payable if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

What's next? 

Contact Paula here or call 01603 666054 to arrange an initial chat to assess your needs.

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